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Summer Sailing Classes:

The Newport Sea Base provides beginning to advanced sailing classes to youth, ages 7 to 18.  With thirty-five sailboats, ranging from 9' to 30', students learn in age appropriate, as well as skill-appropriate, boats.  Each set of boats also have two sizes of sails in order to sail in a wide range of conditions, enabling your child to experience as much time on the water as possible.

To Register:

1. Click 'register' button.

2. Use the magnifying glass to search for your desired class, or scroll through all sailing class options

Sailing Level 1  


From the first day in this BEGINNING  sailing class, students will be on the water, learning to rig the boat, steer, tack, and jibe. Entering the awesome world of sailing, they will improve their self-confidence, teamwork, judgment, and responsibility. Please enroll under the appropriate age group.

 (Ages 7 +)  

 Sailing Classes: 

 Elementary Sail 1 (Ages 7 - 9)  

 Junior Sail 1 (Ages 10 - 12)

Teen Sail 1 (Ages 13 - 17)

Sailing Level 2 

In this INTERMEDIATE class, sailors will refine his or her boat handling skills in increased wind conditions while working on communication and sportsmanship. Please enroll in the appropriate age group listed below.


Elementary Sailing 2 (Ages 7 - 9)
Junior Sailing 2 (Ages 10 - 12)
Teen Sailing 2 (Ages 13 - 17)

Big Boat Sailing - Summer Only
Big Boat Sailing - Level 2 (TWO WEEKS)

Sailors will learn how to optimize the speed and performance of our 30' to 38' racing boats. They will learn to fly spinnakers, adjust leads for trim, use winches, and fine tune sails to reach top speeds in different wind conditions.  Sailors will hone their skills in Newport Harbor and along the Pacific coast between Dana Point and Seal Beach while sailing Olson 30s, and  10m Flying Tiger.

PREREQUISITE: Successful completion of Big Boat Level 1 or equivalent

Ages: 11-17                                                     

Big Boat Sailing -  Level 1 (TWO WEEKS)

You will use your seamanship skills on our fleet of 30' to 32' keel boats.  You will learn to navigate using a nautical chart and GPS, to utilize basic safety equipment, to anchor for an afternoon swim, and even cooking a snack aboard the vessel.  You will hone these skills both inside Newport Harbor and along the coast between Dana Point and Seal Beach.


PREREQUISITE: Successful completion of Sailing 2 or equivalent

Ages: 11-17                                                      

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