About Journey To The Ocean

  • Journey to the Ocean is a hands-on science program for students in 1st through 6th grades based on CA Common Core State Standards and Next Generation Science Standards. With grade specific activities designed to enhance traditional classroom learning, your students are bound for success.

  • 3.5 hour to 4.5 hour field trip event, minimum 10 students and 80 students maximum per field trip day.


  • Students are welcome to bring a sack lunch to enjoy on the lawn after their program from 12:30pm to 1:00pm. The 3rd grade field trip will have a lunch break from 11:00am-11:30am. Newport Sea Base does not provide lunch. 

  • Engaging and hands-on STEM & marine-based activities including microscope investigation, plankton tows, crab catching, mini boat design and race, pontoon boat rides, and more!


  • “The activities helped to broaden students' understanding of what a scientist does and how he/she thinks. The activities were STEM based and focused on the NGSS standards, which has a stronger focus on the investigation and engineering practices involved in science. This is exactly what our students need in order to become knowledgeable, active citizens.” Cory-Anne Johnston, Melrose Elementary – 5th Grade

  • “The field trip was an amazing opportunity to experience a wonderful place the students would never be able to see on their own.  The stations fit right in with our school year curriculum, as we currently are teaching our students about biomes and also about recycling, reducing, and reusing.  The activities helped our students make real-life connections with what they’ve been learning in the classroom.  - Bridget Gartner, Hoover Elementary – 3rd Grade