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NSB Competitive Youth Sailing Teams

NSB Competitive Youth Sailing Teams 


The Youth Sailing Teams at NSB are designed for 7- to 18-year-olds who are keen to race small boats against other yacht clubs and community junior programs.  Team members need to have successfully passed the NSB Level 2 Sailing, or have similar experience.

The teams primarily race RS Teras for our younger sailors and CFJs and Lasers for our older sailors.

The team plans to attend one race per month, primarily in Orange County or Long Beach, but may also organize trips all the way to San Diego and up to Santa Barbara. 

For more information about the NSB Competitive Youth Sailing Team, please email Derek Taylor


The CFJ (Club Flying Junior) is the predominant doublehanded dinghy of choice in the Southern California Region. The CFJ can be sailed with or without a spinnaker. Weight range: Combined weight of 220-300 lbs.

Ages: 12-18

Mission Statement

To provide a fun and educational program for youth interested in sailing and racing. We seek to impart a love of sailing as a life sport while providing the fundamental skills necessary for participants to advance in the sport of sailing as far as their desire, skill, and hard work may take them. 

RS Tera

The RS Tera is a 9 foot, kid-sized individual dinghy that is easy to manage and fun to sail. Sailor Weight range: 60-125 lbs. Newport Sea Base owns 12 Club Teras that serve all skill levels and are perfect for newer racers.

Ages: 7- 14

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