Young men and women are able to develop essential leadership skills and a pathway to success through structured practices in maritime and organizational skills. Sea Scouting is designed for young men and women, who have graduated 8th grade through 20 years old. This life-changing opportunity will allow you to:

  • Sail the California coastline and farther
  • Make friends in your ship that will last a lifetime
  • Build your leadership abilities and resume
  • Become a steward of the ocean through community service
  • Compete in skills competitions, sailing races, and other fun activities.

The three Sea Scout Ships located at the Newport Sea Base, Ship 1767 “Tritons”, Ship 90 “Renegades” and Ship 711 “Del Mar” are among the most active and successful in the region. In 2010, Vanya Keyes, from Ship 90 was selected as the National Boatswain, the youth representative of the U.S. Sea Scout program. The previous year, Ship 90 was selected by the National Sea Scout Committee as the National Flagship, as the best program in the nation.  It is the second Sea Scout ship at the Newport Sea Base to be awarded this great honor.


The 5th biennial William I. Koch International Sea Scout Cup was held in early August at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy and two teams of Sea Scouts from the Newport Sea Base competed.  They finished 13th and 14th out of 40 teams.  Sea Scouts from the U.S. and nine other nations raced against each other during this seven day event.  Having won three of the five Koch Cups, the Newport Sea Scouts look to get back to their winning ways at the 2012 Koch Cup, which will be held at the California Maritime Academy in July 2012.

Newport Sea Base is home to three Sea Scout Ships: the co-educational Tritons and Renegades, and the all-male Del Mar. All three ships meet on Wednesday evenings at Newport Sea Base at 7 p.m.


For more information on the Ships located at the Newport Sea Base, contact the following Skippers.

  • Ship 711 Del Mar Skipper: Mike Stewart Phone: (949) 500-6249
  • Ship 90 Renegades Skipper: Bill Moseley Phone: (949) 929-2367
  • Ship 1767 Triton Skipper: Phil McNamee Phone: (714) 608-7686

For more information about Sea Scouts in Orange County contact Orange County Sea Scout District Executive, Tom Hartmann at Or to find out more about Sea Scouts nationally, go to