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Ship 711 - DEL MAR has been in existence since 1961. Our boat is a 43 foot Columbia sloop. 


We offer adventure

The chance to learn seamanship under sail, to get wet, tired, cold, hungry and to eat your own cooking. You could be the navigator while crossing the channel in the fog, in charge of the foredeck crew as they jibe the spinnaker in a 20 knot breeze, the helmsman taking the DEL MAR into a secluded cove or the coxswain running the dinghy through the surf.


We are very active

We are currently meeting weekly and are doing several work parties, sail days, and rank advancement sessions. 


From the Sea Scout program, you will get skills! To give you an idea of how others have benefited from membership in Ship 711, let's take a look at some past members:

  •  2 are Cal Maritime Academy graduates. 

  • 1 is a U.S. Coast Guard Academy graduate. 

  • 1 is a U.S. Naval Academy graduate. 

  • 1 crewed on a winner of the Swiftsure Classic race. 

  • 4 work as sailmakers. 

  • Another owns his own boatyard.

Joining is simple! Take a look at our website below and contacts.

Contact Skipper Daniel Stoica at 

If you are interested in the challenge, then check us out. There is always room for another good young man. 

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