NSB Junior Racing Team 


The youth sailing team at NSB is designed for 7- to 18-year-olds who are keen to race small boats against other yacht club and community junior's programs.  Team members need to have successfully passed Level 2 Sailing, or have similar experience.

The team primarily races RS Teras for our younger sailors and CFJs and Lasers for our older members.

The team will try to attend one race per month, primarily in Orange County or Long Beach, but may also organize trips to San Diego and Santa Barbara. 

For more information about the NSB Junior Racing Team, please email Derek Taylor.

NSB Youth Offshore Sailing Team 


The youth sailing team at NSB is designed for 14-20 year olds (or those that are 13 and have graduated 8th grade) who have previous sailing experience and are looking to learn about racing keelboats.

The team actively sails the Farr 45, Heartbeat, a Columbia 30 sport boat, and two Olson 30s.  They compete in races such as the Sunkist Series, BYC Summer Series, Islands Race, Border Run, Newport to Ensenada, Around Catalina Race, the 14-mile Bank Race, SoCal 300, and more.

Even more impressive is that the team is lead by the youth and their elected officers. Adult leaders are there to provide supervision, guidance, and expertise.  


Currently, the team is inactive due to COVID-19

For more information about the NSB Youth Offshore Sailing Team, please email Tom Hartmann.